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Sensei Thomas Corona

Sensei Thomas Corona is an instructor at the East Coast MMA Center in Aberdeen New Jersey.  Mr. 

Corona holds a 5th degree black belt and is a Chief Instructor.  He has trained in Koju-Kai, Aikido and 
Kardo Jitsu Ryu Karate under the guidance of several distinguished Masters.

Thomas began his Karate training in 1992 under the guidance of his principal mentor, Shihan John Ralph 
and has been instructing for East Coast MMA Center since 1996.  

In addition to Karate training, Mr. Corona has supplemented his martial arts knowledge with Judo training 
under Sensei Anthony Ferrara, Aikido training under Sensei Stickles, Jujitsu training under Sensei Martin, 
and in F.I.G.H.T.  with Shihan John Ralph and Mike Lee (Founder of F.I.G.H.T System).  Sensei Corona has achieved

Haganah W.O.L.F. Level II Urban Guerrilla Training Division with Mike Lee Kanarek.

Mr. Corona is known for his technical expertise as well as his no-nonsense teaching ability.  He has 
achieved much success as a black belt.

Other Accomplishments:

Recipient of "The Bushido Award" from "The International Federation of Jujutsuans" (I.F.O.J.J.), Martial 
Arts University; Renchi Certified.

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